Refund Policy

    At Dreamsoft Consultancy, we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction with our experience certificate services. However, we recognize that situations may arise where you might need to request a refund. This refund policy outlines the terms and conditions for requesting a refund for our services.

    Dreamsoft Consultancy provides personalized experience certificates that are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual. Due to the customized nature of our services, we generally do not offer refunds for completed and delivered certificates, except in exceptional circumstances as determined by Dreamsoft Consultancy.

Nature of the Service

  • Non-Tangible Service

    The experience certificate services we provide are intangible and involve the generation and delivery of digital documents. Once delivered, these digital certificates cannot be returned or physically retrieved.

  • Customized Service

    Each experience certificate is customized based on the information provided by the user. This personalized aspect of our service makes it generally ineligible for refunds, as the resources and effort invested in creating the certificate are non-recoverable.

User Responsibility

  • Accurate Information

    It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete information when placing an order for an experience certificate. Refunds will not be granted for errors or inaccuracies resulting from incomplete or incorrect information provided by you.

  • Review and Approval

    We encourage you to thoroughly review the draft version of the experience certificate before finalizing your order. Once you approve the certificate and make the payment, no refunds will be provided.

Third-Party Verification

  • Acceptance by Third Parties

    We utilize the personal information you provide to deliver the requested services to you. We only use the information necessary to fulfill your requests.

Change of Circumstances

  • Change in Requirements

    Refunds will not be granted if you no longer require the experience certificate or if your circumstances change after placing the order.

  • User Error

    We are not responsible for refunds due to errors made by you during the ordering process, such as selecting an incorrect template, format, or any other customization options.


  • Service Failure

    In the rare event that we fail to provide the experience certificate service as described on our website or if the certificate contains errors or inaccuracies that are solely our responsibility, we will review such cases on an individual basis and may offer appropriate remedies or resolutions. These remedies may include a partial or full refund, at our discretion.

Changes to the Non-Refund Policy

  • Policy Modifications

    We reserve the right to modify or update this non-refund policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting the revised policy on our website. It is your responsibility to periodically review the policy for any updates.

  • Contact Information

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our non-refund policy or any other matters, please contact our customer support team at We are here to assist you and address any queries you may have.

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