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Genuine Experience Certificate Provider: Dreamsoft Consultancy now provides genuine job experience certificates, extending its services beyond IT and engineering professional certification. As one of the trusted experience certificate providers, we now provide online experience certificates, serving the needs of individuals across India. Our comprehensive company experience certificates are designed to validate your work experience and skills, and make the best Experience Certificate Consultant in

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Genuine Experience Certificate Provider In India to Boost Your Job Prospects

Dreamsoft Consultancy stands as one of the most trusted and genuine Genuine Experience Certificate Provider, offering a diverse range of Experience Certificates or Letters across industries such as IT, Internship, and Engineering. With an extensive track record and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dreamsoft Consultancy has emerged as a premier source for authentic work experience certificates. Whether you aspire to elevate your career within the dynamic IT sector, secure a fulfilling role in the thriving hospitality industry, excel in the fast-paced realm of BPO, acquire valuable experience through internships, or embark on a successful engineering career, Dreamsoft Consultancy has tailored solutions to cater to your unique requirements.

Our Experience Certificates are meticulously crafted, adhering to stringent legal and ethical standards, ensuring that your qualifications and contributions are accurately and comprehensively represented. We take pride in delivering company experience letters that reflect your genuine experience and skills. Unlike providers of fake internship certificates or fake experience certificate, we are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards in the industry. Choose Dreamsoft Consultancy today to open doors to a myriad of job opportunities and propel your career to new heights. Your aspirations are our top priority, and we are here to support you in achieving them.

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Experience Certificate Provider

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You don't need to be concerned about fake experience certificates. Some people might take your money and not give you real certificates. However, at Dreamsoft Consultancy, we only provide 100% real experience certificates to fulfill all your needs and requests.

Dont Worry with Verifications. We Provide with

Email Verification

Third Party Verification

Telephonic Verification

Physical Verification

Industries we assist.


Relieving Letter

A Relieving Letter Assumes A Significant Part In Boosting Your Work Profile and Getting a Job.


Pay Slips

We provide both Soft and Hard copies of your Genuine experience certificates.


Hike Letter

We Are Here To Provide You Genuine Hike Letters.


Form 16

We furnish you with valid and genuine Form - 16 Certificate that are checked from believed sources.


Experience Letter

An Experience Certificate Assumes A Significant Part In Boosting Your Work Profile and Getting a Job.


Bank Statements

We deal with only 100% authentic Bank Statements certificates for all your desires & demands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Employees receive a written document called a “work experience certificate” after finishing their employment. This document attests to the employee’s prior employment with the business or organisation. It provides information on a worker’s previous title, job role, and associated information.

  • Appointment letter. Most of you a got a signed appointment letter with you when you joined the company. … Salary Slips. Try to collect last 3 or 5 salary slips as they act as a very strong proof for your workex. … Service letter

  • Background check of resume is a vital part of the resume verification process. You can verify if a particular experience is genuine or not by contacting the HR of that organization. He or she will confirm if the employee was working with the organization. They will also give feedback to the candidate.

  • Financial Records. Invoices and receipts for the goods and services being sold. … Protecting Legal Records. Leases. … Employee Records. All financial records such as bank accounts, tax file numbers and their superannuation details. … Policies & Procedures. … Other Business Records.

  • Although some employers choose not to verify applicants’ past employment history, most companies do take this vital step in the pre-employment process.

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